Our Story

Our CEO and co-founder, Christie, grew up in California during a time when wearing
sunscreen was optional and sunburns were plentiful. Childhood summers were spent on
the beaches of Lake Tahoe alongside her cousin, Renee, sunning on floatable rafts. In
their early 30’s, Renee lost her life to melanoma, which developed from a mole on her back.
Christie is well aware it could have been her too. Had they known about skin cancer
prevention, it’s quite possible Renee would be alive today.

With Renee in mind Sun50 was launched. The Skin Cancer Foundation says that UPF
clothing is the first line of defense for skin cancer. This is why we work with the finest team
of quality assurance experts in the world to ensure every one of our premium fabrics is
thoroughly UV-tested to the highest standard before they arrive to our cut & sew team in
Los Angeles, California.

We are certain that our sustainably sourced, socially impactful, easy to wear, and
fashion-forward UPF pieces will become your trusted favorites.

Welcome to Sun50!


Our mission at Sun50 is to reduce the incidence of skin cancer by supplying the world with the most fashion-forward, easy to wear, and socially impactful sun protective clothing available.

The way you live your life is up to you, we just want you to live it to the fullest.

Christie Covarrubias, Co-Founder


Have You Heard?

Skin Cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the United States*

*American Academy of Dermatology. 2019

Fewer than 15% of men and less than 30% of women use sunscreen regularly on their face or other exposed skin when outside for more than one hour.*

*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. August 2018.

1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by age 70.*

*The Skin Cancer Foundation

Having 5 or more blistering sunburns early in life doubles one’s risk for melanoma.*

*The Skin Cancer Foundation

The most effective form of sun protection is UPF clothing.*

*The Skin Cancer Foundation

In ages 15-29, Melanoma is the secondly most commonly diagnosed cancer.*

*Melanoma Research Foundation. September 2019.

Melanoma does not discriminate by age, race or gender. Everyone is at risk.

*Melanoma Research Foundation. September 2019.

Sun50's Values


Our goal is to create an interactive and supportive community dedicated to skin cancer advocacy, awareness, and prevention. With a united front we can make a positive impact in our own lives and change the course of the future.

Love Your Neighbor

One collective action will bring change. This is why we donate and collaborate with partners who share our mission to reduce the incidence of skin cancer. We invite you to join us in this movement though self-advocacy, inspiring others, and creating a force that eliminates skin cancer.

Protect the Planet

We are proud to make our apparel in Los Angeles, California – where we can inspect the factory with our own eyes. Our collections are produced in small batches with organic and bluesign® certified fabrics as a means to reduce waste and consumption of resources. Our goal is to make our forests a bit greener and our oceans more blue.

Collaborations & Partnerships

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States and worldwide.

At Sun50 we are dedicated to providing sun safe apparel and products that empower you to enjoy your time in the sun optimally. We third party test each of our fabrics to ensure they provide you with the highest levels of UV protection because you are worth it.

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Collaborations & Partnerships

Thanks to dedicated hikers, AAD's SPOT Skin Cancer™️ campaign has been working in communities across the country to provide skin cancer education, detection and prevention programs and services. Sun50 will be hiking in Los Angeles, CA on November 9th. We invite you to join our team and donate as a “Virtual hiker” so we can fight to create a world without skin cancer.

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Collaborations & Partnerships

The Claire Marie Foundation (CMF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting against adolescent and young adult melanoma through awareness, education and prevention. Dedicated to saving lives with free skin checks and collegiate ambassador program, Sun50 is proud to support this wonderful organization. With each purchase of our limited run and exclusive Claire Marie Foundation UPF 45+ oversized scarf, we will donate $20.00 directly to the CMF. Thank you for making a difference.

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Collaborations & Partnerships

We are very proud to be working with an organization in Madagascar which was founded in the spirit of empowering woman to provide for their families. Our beautiful, limited run, Sambatra Tote Bag, was designed and handmade exclusively for Sun50. The Malagasy-English translation of “Sambatra” is “happy”. The Sambatra Tote, brings joy and happiness to each artisan and we know you will feel the same way when you carry it with you.

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