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SolaMar UPF 50+

Blending the Latin words for comfort and sea, our easy-to-wear SolaMar Fabric has a crisp, beachy appearance. Cooling and gentle-to-the-touch, this fabric is buttery soft, lightweight, and ready to perform in formal or casual settings. Prefect for pack and wear travel.

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SōCō UPF 45+ - 50+

Inspired by the gentle breeze of the Southern California coastline, our silky SōCō Fabric delicately caresses your skin and sways gracefully on your body. So soft and light you will forget it’s actually a shield of sun protection.

Our SōCō Fabric Plus offers just a bit more sun protection. Otherwise these two fabrics are exactly the same.

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Summã Fabric UPF 50+

Made from the finest Tencel™ modal fibers, our Summã Fabric, is the most exquisite, soft-to-the-touch, made in California knit you’ve ever known. Gentle on your skin, like your favorite t-shirt, this fabric offers a gorgeous drape and provides natural thermal body regulation with fluctuating weather conditions. Exceptionally soothing, with a cool feel, our Summã Fabric is made of cellulose - the core component of all plants on earth - which is renewable and biodegradable. Planet friendly.

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Hand-Dyed Summã UPF 50+

Our beautiful, limited-edition, hand-dyed Summã fabric is created in small batches just for Sun50. This Summã fabric is cut into two-yard increments, which then are individually dyed by hand to achieve the ocean inspired motif. The Tencel fibers readily absorb dye, making the environmental impact of this decorative technique as low as possible. This exclusive tie dye process takes several days to complete and the results are truly breathtaking.

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Seascape UPF 50+

Just like the beauty and flow of the sea, this fabric is light and soft feeling looking much like linen, yet soft to the touch and not rough or stiff. The eucalyptus fibers are naturally antimicrobial, cooling and sweat-wicking making this a great choice for travel and sun protection.

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Seapointe UPF 50+

Organic cotton is gradually winning over ground both on the farm and in the marketplace. This eco-friendly fabric has a noticeably ultra-soft texture and a relaxed feel. Making this fabric fabulous for summer days or nights. 

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